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Celebrating Friendship And Hope With The Iris

Everyone in my life can attest to my deep love of the Fleur-de-lis symbol. Fleur-de-lis literally means flower of the lily but is often represented by the iris which is a member of the same scientific class. I read about flowers all day and it’s hard to turn off the research button when I get home. One night I was lazily clicking through the Internet when I saw one of the fleur-de-lis decorations on my desk. I knew what the symbol and its flowers means to me but I had no idea what the rest of the world felt they came across colorful iris flowers.

Iris Flowers Arrangement Iris flower arrangements bring regal beauty to your home.

It just so happens that I knew exactly where to find information about the iris as Flower Shop Network has a large list of flower meanings. Convenient? Yes. Helpful? Even more so. I quickly discovered that when you send iris arrangements from a local florist you’re saying “Your friendship means so much to me” or “My compliments.” As part of the fleur-de-lis, the iris represents faith, wisdom, hope and valor. I’m not a particularly emotional person but I know that I would certainly swoon if my beloved ever sent me a bouquet of flowers that speak these great things of me.

What’s great about the iris is that it fits the personality of almost everyone. People who thrive around colorful things love the many vibrant colors of the iris such as brilliant blue, purple, white, red and more. Those who care about décor know that iris have a distinctive appeal and unique impression in a room. Iris flowers are very versatile in that they can be both an accent piece and a focal point. There is no end to the creative uses of iris flower arrangements.

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