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Say, ‘Goodbye Sniffles, Hello Sunshine’

If you’ve ever had to spend time in the hospital, you know how gloomy it can be, especially if it’s an overnight trip or longer. There is an easy way to beat the glum: you know I’m going to say with flowers, but let me tell you why…

You’re In Our Hearts

Flowers are an instant reminder that someone is thinking of you. If your friend or family member is sick, whether in the hospital or stuck in bed at home, flowers sitting at their bedside will always bring a smile to their face. Because they were sent from you and your family, get well soon flowers are an instant reminder that the sick friend is well-loved and their friends want them to get better.

Hospital Flower Suggestions:

Get Well Flowers Get Well Flowers

The Healing Powers of Flowers

Believe it or not, flowers have healing powers. Think about it scientifically: color is simply light, and light is energy, that means color = energy! Color is simply light vibrating at different frequencies, and just like food, our bodies need light (the sunshine vitamin) to grow and get better. Colors are known to be therapeutic, this is called, chromotherapy. There are colors for relaxation, spirituality, peace, warmth, energy, happiness. Try sending a monochromatic (one color) bouquet of flowers to your friend feeling under the weather, or mix the colors to create your own chromotherapy arrangement. For a list of colors and their effects, check out this article: Get Well Flowers Have Healing Powers.

Chromotherapy Flower Suggestions:

Get Well Flowers Get Well Flowers

Yellow: gives feelings of warmth. Uplifting, re-activator, activates memory, purifies the body.
Green: feelings of harmony, self-control, and relaxation. Relieves tension, lowers blood pressure.

Take Care of Me, I’m Sick :(

When we’re sick, most of us just want to cuddle up in bed and be taken care of. There seems to be nothing better than getting full attention and being babied until we’re better. If someone you know is sick and like this, maybe your kids or even your spouse, it is not always convenient to stay home with them. In this case, flowers are a fantastic reminder to your ailing loved-one that someone is thinking about them, and will be there soon to take care of them.

Another good idea for your feverish friend is a get well soon gift basket filled with all of those ‘take care of me’ goodies. Talk to your local florist about customizing your gift basket to meet the specific needs of your friend’s aliment, such as adding crackers, ginger ale and pepto for a stomach ache.

Take Care of Me Gift Baskets

Gift Basket

A Little Pick-Me-Up

Sickness doesn’t always mean a cough and runny nose. Sometimes being down in the dumps can be just as draining. If you know someone who is going through a tough time in their life, a small gift of flowers can really brighten their horizons. Although it might go unspoken, gift of flowers really says ‘I’m thinking about you, and you are cared for.” This is an wonderful and loving reminder and sometimes just what someone needs to get them out of the glum. In some cases, the distressed person may not want to make his or her problems known, so a small gift of flowers, such as a bud vase, would suffice.

Pick-Me-Up Flower Ideas

Feel Better Bud Vase Coffee Mug Flower Arrangement

No matter what illness or ailment your friends and family are going through, flowers are a perfect pick-me-up. These Get Well Soon card messages will also help!


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