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Send Luck With St. Patrick’s Day Flowers

Lucky St Patrick's Day

It’s March! Time to get LUCKY with St. Patrick’s Day flowers!

Do you know someone who needs a little lucky this month? Maybe they are taking a big test, trying to get a new job, or making some other big change in their life. By sending St. Patrick’s Day flowers, you not only say “Luck Be With You,” but also show how just much you care.

Choose your favorite green flowers to send or use a beautiful green vase. You could also send a fresh, green house plant, such as Lucky Bamboo. With the help of your local florist, the possibilities are endless!

Lucky flowers include: daffodils, bells of Ireland, white heather.

So send green flowers and avoid getting in a PINCH!

Avoid Getting In A Pinch This St. Patrick’s Day — Send Flowers!

St. Patricks Day FlowersSt. Patrick’s Day heralds in our favorite season — springtime! Spring is the time of year where the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming and love is in the air! It’s time to catch spring fever and send flowers to your hunny. St. Patrick’s Day is a great excuse to send some love with lucky GREEN flowers!

Most local florists have their own, unique St. Patrick’s Day flower arrangement special. What better way to show your Lady Luck you love her than sending flowers just because? This is a great way to avoid getting in a PINCH this St. Patrick’s Day!

So, just how did the pinching start anyway?

It started as an American Tradition in the 1700’s. Irish settler’s tales said, Leprechauns and other fairy creatures would pinch people they could see. Wearing green made you invisible to these creatures, preventing you from their sneaky pinches.

Hopefully sending flowers will keep you from being in a PINCH!

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Paint The Town Green: St. Patrick’s Day Marketing Tips For Florists

Let’s face it, St. Patrick’s Day is no Valentines… Men everywhere aren’t rushing out to buy St. Patrick’s Day flowers for their ladies. However, as florists, lets make it our job to PAINT THE TOWN GREEN! We must become our town’s first thought when it comes to holidays!

Paint The Town Green!
Paint The Town Green!

What are the key points of the St. Patrick’s Day celebration we can use? Green, Gold, Pot of Gold, Rainbow, Luck, Lucky Symbols, Drinking, Guinness, Irish, Ireland.

  • Associate your business with the most ‘fun’ aspects of this holiday.
  • Decorate your store window with green, rainbows and pots of gold.
  • Create a few St. Patrick’s day arrangements and advertise them on your Facebook page as special/limited editions.
  • Suggest to local businesses to buy your limited edition arrangements for easy decorations for their shops.
  • Contact local restaurants about using simple green flowers on their table centerpieces. Offer this for free if they will let you attach a small ribbon or card to the flowers with the name of your shop and your website URL.
  • Partner with local bars to sell or give away (with your ribbon) simple, green corsages for the night.
  • For pubs and bars, use shot glasses as vases for your small table centerpieces. [Read more…]

Green With Envy: Inspirations for St. Paddy’s Day


We are still bursting with excitement over our incredible weekend at the 2010 AIFD Southern Conference. The theme of the conference was all about eco-friendly and green floral solutions. Although you don’t have to use green to be green, many of the designers really embraced the theme and their arrangements were, in fact, green.

Since today is St. Patrick’s Day, I thought I would compile some of the coolest green arrangements for your Paddy’s Day inspiration!



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St. Paddy’s Day Flowers Don’t Have To Be Green

Hope everyone had a good St. Patrick’s Day.  Tracey, Flower Shop Network receptionist, had a wonderful day yesterday.  She received these wonderful flowers.

Bouquet of white chrysanthemums and blue statice. The flowers weren’t green, but St Patrick’s Day was still celebrated with the green bow.  The offer still stands – send me a photo of your St. Patrick’s Day flower arrangement and I’ll post it on the blog.

Reuben Sandwich Reminds Me St Patrick’s Day Is Only 5 Days Away

Last night while I was eating my Reuben sandwich, I realized that St Patrick’s Day was just a few days away. I love St Patrick’s day. What’s not to love about a holiday that promotes drinking larger quantities of green beer. Actually I don’t like regular beer – so I not so sure about green beer – but the pub crawl participants seems to adore it. I love St Patrick’s day because of the positive nature of the holiday. Four leaf clovers – shamrocks (good luck), the color green (money and prosperity) and corned beef and cabbage or bacon and cabbage (just good eats). This is a holiday that focuses on fun and optimism with festivals, parades and “Kiss Me I’m Irish” shirts. To celebrate the holiday many people send potted shamrocks to spread luck to friends and family members. I personally like to send and receive flower arrangements with Bells of Irleand instead – shamrocks remind me of a weed called oxalis that drives me crazy in our greenhouse. Here is an example of the kind of arrangement I send my folks on St Patrick’s Day.

St Patricks Day Flower Arrangement with Bells of Irleand

If you want one that works for both St Patrick’s Day and Easter you could send this

Flower Arrangement For St Patrick’s Day or Easter

After all Easter is only a fews day after St Patrick’s Day this year.

Of course florists across the nation have some wonderful ideas when it comes to arranging flowers for St Patrick’s Day. In fact, if any florist wants to send me a picture of their St Patrick’s Day flower designs,  I’ll post them on the blog. We might even get readers to vote on the best one.

You have five days till the fun and festivities of St Patrick’s Day. So plan to have a good one – I plan on it.

If you have a special way of celebrating St Patrick’s Day let me know. I’m always curious about how others celebrate. You never know when you’ll discover something great.