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5 Reasons to Send Flowers January ’17

What better way to kick-start your new year than by celebrating friends and family! Spread kindness and show those around you how much you care. Take a look at these five unique holidays and opportunities to send flowers and celebrate this month!

House Plant Appreciation Day – January 10th

In our modernized society it’s easy to become disconnected from nature. This unique holiday gives us the opportunity to bring the outdoors back into our daily lives. Houseplants purify the air, eliminate toxins from your home and lift spirits! Celebrate this holiday by ordering a lush green plant for your office or home.

Compliment Day – January 24th

When is the last time you received or gave a compliment? Spread the love this year by sending a beautiful flower arrangement to a friend or someone that is going through a hard time. Include a short and sweet card message with your gift. The recipient will be so surprised and impressed with your thoughtfulness!

Chinese New Year – January 31st

The Chinese believe that a good start to the year brings good luck and fortune for the entire year. Red lanterns hang in the streets, red decorations cover buildings and red envelopes with money are given to children and retired seniors. Send luck to friends and family by ordering a custom festive Chinese New Year arrangement filled with red flowers and gold accents. Gold is also a cherished symbol of fortune and prosperity.

Get Well

Send warm wishes for a speedy recovery to a friend, family member or loved one. Flowers are a classic way to lift spirits and show how much you care!

January Birthdays

January birthdays tend to get looked over since they follow the holidays. Don’t forget to send your love to people you know with birthdays this month. A surprise flower arrangement will make them feel so special!

This is just a short list of the many reasons to send flowers this month!

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