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Flower Spotlight: Gerbera

Gerbera Daisy

The flower in the spotlight this month is the gorgeous gerbera daisy! This stunning bloom takes the fifth place in the list of the world’s most popular flowers. Here’s everything you need to know about this type of daisy!

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Zodiac Signs & Flowers: Aquarius


Welcome to the season of Aquarius! The people born under this sign are super friendly, unique, fun, and humanitarians at heart. Want to know what flowers to send the stars of the zodiac? We’ve got a few ideas!

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January 2019 Card Messages

January Card Messages

Is putting your feelings into words a struggle? Hey, you’re not alone! Many people find it easier to communicate what they feel in person, but it’s always nice to have a message to go along with the flowers being delivered by your local florist. If you’re needing a bit of inspiration, we’ve got you!

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5 Reasons to Send Flowers

Reasons to Send Flowers

Some find inspiration in the beautiful sounds of music, others find it walking in the park or by listening to the waves of the sea. If you or someone you love is one to be inspired by nature, we’ve come up with flowers to send that inspire creativity, reward success, show love, bring happiness and a little bit of luck!

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Zodiac Signs and Flowers: Capricorn

Zodiac Signs and Flowers

Capricorn season is all about determination. As we enter the new year, most people take on a few traits of the Goats (as they are referred to), hustling to kick off the new year with focused intention. To motivate¬†your Capricorn friends, we’ve got a few ideas of flowers that best fit their personalities!

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Flower Spotlight: Amaryllis

Amaryllis Flower Spotlight

Amaryllis flowers are spectacular blooms that make any arrangement look that much beautiful! From their history to their vibrant color and stunning look, you’ll definitely love everything about this flower!

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5 Reasons to Send Flowers January ’17

What better way to kick-start your new year than by celebrating friends and family! Spread kindness and show those around you how much you care. Take a look at these five unique holidays and opportunities to send flowers and celebrate this month!

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Card Messages January 2016

There’s nothing better than starting a year with kindness and love for others. Let’s make January a month to inspire and motivate, preparing for the year ahead! Below are messages to uplift spirits of loved ones!


Thank you for always being present in my life.

You are the light that shows me the way. For that, I’ll be forever grateful.

Get Well

Here’s a little ray of sunshine to make you feel better!

Nature is a fast healer, but since you can’t go out in the cold, I decided to bring nature to you! Get well soon!

Messages To Motivate and Inspire

Here’s to a wonderful 2016 with more laughter and great memories.

May these flowers bring positivity and happiness for a new year.

It is in giving that we find true happiness. Head to your local florist to accompany these messages with beautiful flowers!