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Flower Spotlight: Stargazer Lily

There are many varieties of lilies, and Stargazer lilies have become one of the most popular. They are commonly used by florists and gardeners, despite the fact that they are a recent addition to the lily family. With their faces turned towards the sky, these beautiful flowers make a wonderful gift for any occasion. Keep reading to learn more about their origin, meaning, and some interesting facts:


Stargazers are a hybrid flower and were first developed by Leslie Woodruff in 1978. They are a cross between Asiatic and Oriental lilies. Unlike some other lilies, this hybrid’s bud opens towards the sky, hence the name ‘Stargazer.’ The original Stargazer lilies’ petals transitioned from deep crimson to pink with white around the edges and darker pink specks towards the center of the flower.


Stargazers are among the most fragrant flowers, having a slightly spicy scent that many people find overwhelming.
Commonly found in gardens, Stargazers can grow up to a height of 4-feet tall!
Stargazers and all types of lilies are extremely toxic to cats and could cause vomiting, kidney failure, and even death if ingested. However, no other animals are sensitive to lilies.


Lilies are typically associated with purity and innocence, but depending on the color, Stargazers’ meanings may be a little more specific. Pink is the most common color for Stargazers, but there are a few other colors available as well, each with its own meaning:

Pink- Romance, wealth, prosperity, ambition
White- Sympathy, innocence, purity of heart
Golden- Happiness, remembrance

With their large blooms and bright colors, Stargazer lilies make a beautiful accent for any floral arrangement. Be sure to ask your local florist to use Stargazers next time you send flowers!

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