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Kids Love Flowers Too! Send A Surprise With Personalized Flowers

Sending flowers to the people you love has always been a great way of showing that you care – it’s a tradition that is loved by many all over the world. Who doesn’t  love a luscious bouquet brought to our doorstep with a little note saying ‘I Love you’ or ‘Happy Birthday’? It is a thoughtful gift that will always bring a smile.

Kids Love Flowers Too!

It’s a great gift idea for a child that is too far to visit, in school all day or just for the kid who loves a fun surprise! You hear a knock at the door – “Sweetie, it’s for you” hollers the parent as the child runs to the front door to see a bright arrangement of happy-go-lucky flowers with their name one it! Who wouldn’t squeal with delight?!?

Personalized Flower Arrangements for Super Smiles!

When choosing flowers for your kid-o, make sure to include their favorite characters, themes, or sports. Your cookie-monster would flip for a little monster of their own – made of flowers!

Little Monsters - Flowers For Kids

And, the girly girl, who loves everything pink will be walking on air when she receives a bright pink vase of flowers with butterflies, fairies and everything PINK! You just can’t go wrong with flowers!
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Unique Bud Vases From The ISFA Convention

These little novelty bud vases were a HOOT at the Illinois State Florist Association Convention last month. In a class titled “Rockin’ Petal Pets, Eldon Haab showed attendees how to create some of the coolest and most unique floral designs around! Of course the pets were super cute; the poodles were just adorable. One type of design we had never seen before was his unique bud vases in the forms of little people! Check it out:

Cheerleader Flowers - Novelty Flowers

Just imagine sending this cheerful bud vase to your favorite cheerleader, perhaps as congratulations or for a job well done! Kids and teens love these little vases because of the bendable appendages! It’s so much fun making them strike a pose! (more pics after the jump!) [Read more…]

Top 5 “Thank You” Flower Arrangements

Nothing Says “Thank You” Like A Bouquet of Beautiful Blooms

Your local florist makes it easy to say “Thank You!” Sometimes the best thank you is a little recognition, and having flowers delivered to them at the office never fails to brighten someone’s day. Here is FSN’s choice for the Top 5 Thank You flower arrangements!

Tulip Thank You Flowers

#5 Tulip Tribute Floral Design

This flower arrangement has sophistication and style. Send this design to your most classy friends!

Thank You Flowers

#4 Thank You Blooms

This fun and funky design features playful Gerbera daisies. It’s sure to please any girly gal.

Lily Thank You Flower Arrangement

#3 Hip Hip Horray!

We love the bright colors in this one, perfect for springtime!

Tropical Thank You Flowers

#2 Beyond A Bud Vase

This Thank You bud vase uses incredibly unique flowers to pull off a stunning display. Perfect for the creative people in your life.

Coffee Mug Flower Arrangement

#1 Cup O Cheer

This spring flower arrangement is extra special because of the cute coffee mug that it comes in. Your friends will always be reminded of your special gift!

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