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Springtime at the Golden Gate Bridge

Mandy at the Golden Gate Bridge

Just a couple of weeks ago I (Mandy!) got to visit sunny San Francisco. It certainly spoiled me for spring! It was 75° and sunny each and every day! Jealous yet?

I am! I’m ready for spring flowers! That was definitely my favorite part of California — it was already spring! Flowers were in bloom everywhere you looked. The daffodils were up, the tulips were blooming, and flowering trees were everywhere! One of my favorite stops on my trip was at the famous Golden Gate Bridge, an undeniably impressive feat of engineering. They had a beautiful garden growing at the look out point. Get ready to spring into spring, here are some highlights:

Golden Gate Bridge Flowers

Daffodils and pansies, a winning combination of spring flowers! [Read more…]

Need A Place To Turn For Foliage Too? Try This Fresno Florist

Need to know about foliage plants? Just ask Greg at Fresno’s The Cherry Blossom.

There are many different sides to the floral industry. Some florists strictly celebrate fresh flowers. Others enjoy foliage plants as well. Some have a hand in the wholesale nursery side while others remain in their flower shops creating works of art each day.

Imagine how fun it would be to go to work at a Fresno flower shop then head over to your own nursery for fresh plants. This dream is an everyday reality for Greg at The Cherry Blossom in Fresno California. Florists usually carry live houseplants or dish gardens to accentuate their gift line. Greg at The Cherry Blossom, however, goes the extra mile in this area. He also owns a wholesale nursery where he grows foliage plants for his shop and other nurseries. How neat!

When you need a place to go for foliage plants, just call Greg! Even other Fresno florists come to him because they know that flowers and foliage are his life. His passion is consumed by more than just fresh flowers. He also loves plants and has a knack for matching customers to the plants that they’ll like the best.

Greg understands the busy life of a florist because he is one. He understands the nature of plants and how to get the most from them because he grows them. His hands help grow the plants that he delivers. Other shops can trust his plants because Greg trusts them in his own. He’s not keeping the best for himself. They’re all high quality foliage plants made with the green thumb that only a true plant and flower lover can have. You can’t get much better than that. To get a glimpse of a different side of the floral industry, visit Greg at The Cherry Blossom.

Snap, Crackle, and California Poppy

It may not be the sound of music that drives florists in California to create fabulous California poppy inspired designs, but it is definitely the appearance of a drop of golden sun that has helped the California poppy (Eschsholzia californica) become the state flower and a celebrated symbol of life in The Golden State. Adopted officially in 1903, the California poppy stands proudly with pop and zing as the California state flower. Californians celebrate the amazing flower with an annual Poppy Day each April but that’s not all.

The vibrant colors of the California poppy make it a perfect display as many people desire to surround themselves with beauty and art. California poppies grow wild throughout the state and create a background of lavish orange decoration. This bright golden color is the reason that the California poppy is also sometimes called la amapola (the flame flower), dormidera (drowsy one) or most commonly copa de oro (cup of gold).

As the state flower, California poppy (Eschsholzia californica) preservation is a key concern. For this reason, the California Poppy Reserve is a unique state park where the poppy is kept as close to a natural growth as possible. The poppy grows wildly here and thrives in the arid environment. Park workers at the California Poppy Reserve do not water or actively garden the more than 1700 acres of poppies. In fact, the only proactive action taking toward plentiful growth involves planned burns to deter natural fires.

Another unique fact about the California poppy is that it is illegal inside of the state to pick, destroy, or dig up the flower. No kidding! Visiting a local nursery may be the only legal way to pick up your pot of poppies (how many did Peter Piper pick?) but it is also a great way to enjoy the beauty of these inspiring blooms. Of course, you could also have your California florists create a flower arrangement inspired by the warm colors of the California poppy. It’s a win-win situation.