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FSN Christmas Celebration!

Today we enjoyed a wonderful lunch together for our annual Flower Shop Network Christmas Party. The food was great, the company was better and the homemade desserts were to die for! To keep things interesting, we also held an Ugly Sweater Contest. I’ve never seen so many people wearing working lights! Take a moment to peruse through this photo tour of the FSN festivities and Happy Holidays!

Ugly Sweater Contest

To help everyone get into the Christmas spirit, we also held an Ugly Sweater Contest. And let me tell you, folks, our people didn’t disappoint. These are some UGLY sweaters.

Giving Gifts

Did you think that was all? Not quite yet. Brock and Loranne decided to hand out some Christmas gifts and everybody got a little something.

And yet the giving wasn’t done yet …


Here’s a load of food that the employees of Flower Shop Network donated to the food drive for local schools!


Happy Holidays from Flower Shop Network!!

Christmas Tree Decorating Tips: Part 2

Christmas is just around the corner, and you’ve probably already put your tree up. If not, don’t miss these handy Christmas tree decorating tips PART 2! (How To Decorate A Christmas Tree Part 1 is a must see!)

  • Contemporary Christmas Tree1. Use Garlands In New Ways. Try cascading garland, ribbon, mesh and/or beads vertically down the tree instead of looping them around horizontally.
  • 2. Color-oriented. One great way to use an eclectic mix of ornaments with style is by choosing ornaments that are the same color. For instance, lots of different styles of ornaments in all-red.
  • 3. Match Your Style. Choose a tree and ornaments in styles and colors to match that of your already-existing home decor. For instance, a shabby-chic home might choose all-natural and vintage ornaments and tree styles.
  • 4. Memory Lane. Collect ornaments for important life occasions, vacations, and for any other special memories. Each year at Christmas, your family can revisit these memories while putting up the tree.
  • 5. Christmas Critters. Choose clip-on doves or owls, wooden squirrels, and other little critters to add some friendly faces to your tree.
  • 6. Going Overboard. If you simply cannot cram one more ornament onto your tree, use them throughout your home as easy Christmas decor.
  • 7. Choose Your Metal. Most Christmas decor themes need at least one metal in order to enhance the glow of the season. Choose from gold, silver, bronze, rustic dark, and many others. Use in garlands and decor. [Read more…]

The Holiday HotSpot: Your Local Flower Shop

Incredible Flower Shop at Trigs Floral & Home

If you haven’t taken the time to stop by your florist this season, what are you waiting for?? In addition to great holiday flowers and centerpieces, your local flower shop will also have unique holiday decor, the best poinsettias, gifts and most importantly, TONS of holiday inspiration!

The photo above is the inside of Trig’s Floral & Home in Minocqua, WI. You could walk around this store for days and still not see everything worth seeing! Here you can find the best in holiday gifts and decor, why would you need to go anywhere else?? This florist is a one-stop-shop for the season!

The Petal Patch - Unique Christmas Gifts

Need gift ideas? Check out this florist’s shop in McFarland, WI. The Petal Patch truly has something for everyone! Whether you need something for your niece, brother, or that friend who has everything, they’ve got your covered!

[Read more…]

10 Easy Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

10 Easy Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

Christmas seems to come earlier and earlier ever year. If you haven’t already got your tree up, here are a few easy tips to make your Christmas tree look extraordinary.

  • ‘Fluff’ all of the limbs on your tree. If your tree is fake, take the time to ungroup all of the branches on every limb, try to fill in every hole. Yes it takes time, but it will make your fake tree look fuller, and more real-to-life.
  • Extra ‘fluff’ the bottom limbs. Don’t let your tree just cut off at the bottom, pull branches down with limbs pointing slightly upward to make it look rounded and natural.
  • Inside out. Add shiny, ‘filler’ ornaments to the inside first to make it look more full.
  • Let ornaments hang. Do your best to let your ornaments hang naturally and not get caught up on limbs below. Even if you have to adjust the wire-branches around each ornament, it will look much better than if it was stuck on a branch. Also, the branches you adjust will fill in more holes.
  • Adjust ornaments with faces. If you have ornaments with faces, point them in a natural position. Example: little bird clip-ons – adjust the wire in the tree branches to have them sitting straight and looking in the direction you want.
  • Use garland in new ways. Garland doesn’t have to be the same old tinsel wrapped around the tree over and over again. Try using beads, ribbon, pearls, etc instead of traditional garland. Hang it in new ways, such as vertically down the tree, or weave it in-and-out in big loops. [Read more…]

A Nightmare Before Christmas? Last Minute Decorating Ideas

If the thought of decorating for the holidays is giving you a nightmare (after all, there are just a few weeks left before Christmas arrives), then pay a visit to your local florist for some up-to-the-minute advice and inspiration. Holiday merchandise is now appearing in flower shops everywhere, ready for your approval.

Christmas’ ‘Hottest’ Colors

One of the Christmas decorating trends this year is the use of hot colors; think of the day-glo hues of the Sixties. It’s a retro look, evoking a spirit of nostalgia among those of us who lived through it the first time. Hot pinks, greens, and oranges are finding their way onto Christmas trees and wreaths, creating a youthful and festive exuberance.

Mod Christmas Style

Ornaments are being created in the “mod” geometric forms of the era; you know…. the shapes of those triple light fixtures hanging in your mother’s kitchen. They’ve been decorated in polka dots and wavy stripes, and sometimes even flocked. If you can’t afford a whole new collection, then simply adding a few new ornaments or a bit of splashy new ribbon can update your older arrangements and give your Christmas decorating scheme a fresh appearance.

New England Themed Christmas TreeNatural Christmas

At the other end of the Christmas decorating spectrum is the natural look, which features such rustic elements as branches, cones, pods, and feathers. Colors are muted and textures are emphasized. Woven baskets or bark-covered containers may be used to hold an assemblage of earthy finds, such as cinnamon sticks, dried flowers, or an empty bird’s nest. Artificial pine Christmas wreaths may be encircled with dried grapevine to provide texture and movement. Add dried mushrooms, pomegranates, spruce cones, and lotus pods to the wreath to create a lush, woodsy collage of nature. Such a design is also appropriate for the fall of the year, and even beyond holidays, into the winter. This “trans-seasonal” approach to decorating can save time and money.

Bringing It All Together

If you want to decorate like the professionals, select a theme for your Christmas decor and re-interpret it throughout your home or office. Unify all the decorations by duplicating a specific motif — such as holly berries or candy canes — and by repeating a certain ribbon pattern or ornament style. And when it comes to decorating Christmas trees, remember that depth is important. Christmas trees ought to appear full and abundant. Place larger ornaments well to the inside of the branches in order to draw the viewer’s eye inward while creating a background for the other, smaller ornaments at the surface. This gives the tree a greater sense of volume. Use wide ribbon or swags of lightweight fabric as a garland to spiral around the tree and to occupy space. Consider purchasing ordinary, inexpensive glass ball ornaments as filler for the center of the Christmas tree while bringing the more unique and precious ones forward.

With the help of a professional floral designer, you can turn your nightmare before Christmas into a decorating dream come true. Stop in today… you’ll sleep easier.