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July Birth Flower: Larkspur

It’s always a great idea to send flowers as a birthday gift, and in July, you can’t go wrong with larkspurs. Beautiful and delicate, these flowers have many meanings and a rich history. Learn more about what makes larkspurs so unique: [Read more…]

Flower Spotlight: Delphinium

With their joyful colors and towering height, delphiniums make a great addition to any bouquet! Also known as larkspur, these tall, lively blooms elicit feelings of fun, warmth, and happiness. Learn more about their history and meaning, along with some interesting facts. [Read more…]

Larkspur – FSN’s Favorite Flower For January

Larkspur | Delphinium

For our favorite flower this month*, we chose Delphiniums. Their rare blue colors and love of cool temps make them a perfect choice for January flower arrangements. Read all about this fascinating flower in this article!


Use: Flower

Type: Perennial

Height: 18″-7′

Name Meaning: Heavenly


Requirements: fertile, well-drained soil. Stalk tall varieties.


Blossom Size: 2½” across

Texture: Satin

Fragrance: Light, sweet scent

Silhouette: Spear-shaped stalk

Vase Life: 5-8 Days

Colors: Blue, purple, pink, yellow, orange, white

Bloom Season: Fall

Flowers Available: Year Round


Often called larkspur, the Delphinium is a genus of mountain flowers found throughout the northern world, and in some mountainous parts of Africa. They are called larkspur because of their unusual spur-like flowers. The front of the flower looks normal, but behind the petals there is a little spur sticking out, making it look like an elf’s cap.

They are a wonderful summer flower to grow for great color, and a staple in English cottage gardens. Because of their height, use as a gorgeous back-border flower. The Delphinium enjoys cooler temperatures (70° ish) and thrives in northern summers and high elevations. They love the sunshine and will grow faster and flower sooner during long summer days.

The Delphinium has become a florist favorite because it is one of the few, large flowers that are actually natural blue. (It’s no surprise that it was traditionally used to make blue ink and dye.) The little larkspurs look beautiful in floral designs because of their tall flower spikes.

Blue Delphiniums Flower Arrangement

Not Everyone’s A Larkspur Fan

As much as we love this beautiful flower, they are hated just as much! The larkspur is very toxic and often grow in the same fields cattle graze from. There are many reported cases of dead cattle caused by ingesting larkspur. [Read more…]

Awesome Blue Delphinium Photos

Ask the Expert: I was hoping you could help identify this flower
These photos were taken from a garden in the Chena Village, along the Chena River outside of Fairbanks in July of this year.  I was hoping you could identify them, and let me know if they were native.  Thank you!

– Margaret

Plant Expert Reply:
The flower you have so lovely captured in the photos above is Delphinium. Florists in Alaska, as well as in other places, use this flower in arrangements because it is one of the few true blue flowers available to them.

Delphinium is a genus of 250 annuals, perennials and biennials. In 1998 while vacationing in Alaska, I saw some of the tallest delphinium I had ever seen. It was in the garden of a lady who was a sled dog racer. I believe Delphinium is native to Alaska. If it isn’t it should be, we saw it everywhere during our two week stay.

Some may call this plant larkspur. The terms are often confused and used interchangeably. However, Larkspur and Delphinium are not really the same plant but closely related. In your pictures the blossom shape looks more like Delphinium.

What’s The July Birth Month Flower?

Try The "Thinking of You" Bouquet with Larkspur

Try The "Thinking of You" Bouquet with Larkspur

I won’t keep you guessing. The July birth month flower is the larkspur. Of course, regular readers probably remember this from last year’s July Birth Month Flower blog. For those who haven’t gone back that far, here’s a head’s up.

The official birth month flowers of July are the larkspur and the water lily. You’re not going to see many florists with water lily arrangements so most people tend to use larkspur instead. This is great though! Larkspur is gorgeous in birthday flower bouquets. It adds height and shape while looking as beautiful as any flower has a right to be.

What wasn’t mentioned in last year’s blog are the flower colors and flower meanings associated with the birth month flowers of July. Did you send birth month flowers last year? Send them again this year but add another dash of whimsy and character to the bouquet by using just birth month flowers in these colors:  green, russet and red. The flower meaning of larkspur is “laughter” or “levity.” Who wouldn’t want to send something so cheerful?

Whatever bouquet you choose to send this year, make sure you ask your local florist about using larkspur in the flower arrangement!

Birth Flowers For The Month Of July

Yesterday was my birthday and I received many lovely flowers and gifts over the course of the weekend. I have one friend in particular who believes every birthday present should truly represent the day. One year she got me a birthday newspaper — a copy of the New York Times on the day I was born. This year she gave me a beautiful larkspur flower arrangement. Larkspur (Consolida ajacis) is the birth month flower for July.
Larkspur is a beautiful annual flower and a cousin of delphinium. This flower has been cultivated as a fresh cut flower. It also makes a great dried flower or garden plant. The mid to dark foliage is feathery, soft and downy. The upright blooms are similar to the blooms of delphinium. The flowers are densely packed on the larkspur bloom spikes. The color palette for larkspur contains pastels shades of pinks and rich tones of pink, white and violet blue.

If you have family or friends with a birthday this month try sending them a flower arrangement containing larkspur.

How do you celebrate July? Have you ever used larkspur the birth month flower as a way to celebrate the month?