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The Patriotic Meaning of Red & White Roses Rages On

Celebrate Unity With Red & White Roses


Red & White Roses Represent UnityRed and white roses are gorgeous. They are beautiful whether variegated in these colors or bunched together. Why not celebrate independence and unity at the same time with a red and white bouquet of roses?

The flower meaning of red and white roses is what drew me to them. With a patriotic spirit, I came across “unity” and knew that this flower meaning would be one of the most important yet. Political views aside, we can all agree that a very critical need in this country is the sense of unity.

Many of our forefathers declared “united we stand, divided we fall” and knew exactly what it meant. Having separated from a country once loved, the spirit of patriotism began with those brave people who knew that to be free we must be one force with one mind, one common goal, and one heart.

White Roses Help Express Unity

Patriotism will never be out of fashion. Unity will never go out of style. Celebrate patriotism, not just with fireworks and funnel cakes, but also with red and white roses. Let it be a symbol of the unity that keeps this country great and not the petty differences that divide people. Have a loved one in the military who is serving overseas? This Independence Day is especially important to them because they are fighting for our right to be unified and independent.

There are many ways to show appreciation for the troops. Wear a white rose next to a red rose on your shoulder or a rose corsage. Send a red rose to your loved one away from home. Even if it’s a picture sent via email, you can still celebrate with them by wearing the same or complementing color on your shoulder. Later, send them a picture of  you with wearing your rose. What an excellent way to share a meaningful moment.

Have an idea for how to wear a red or white rose? Let us know how you plan to celebrate the holiday by commenting below!


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