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Brighter Than the Sun – Sunflowers That Will Take Your Breath Away

Living with four sorority girls that are in serious relationships can lead to many “When I get married…” conversations. While discussing our dream wedding dream wedding plans, I asked “When would y’all want to get married?” Of course, we all had some idea, but one roommate had only one thing planned — her flowers. “I just want sunflowers, so my wedding will be planned around their season. My fiancé will just have to understand.” I’m sure he will.

Planning A Wedding With Sunflowers

SunflowerSunflowers are typically warm-weather bloomers. If you are in the same boat as my roommate, it’s best to plan your wedding between May and October. Although most florists are able to order sunflowers year round, they are  usually much more affordable when they’re used in season. Sunflowers have a long season which allows the flowers to be used for summer and fall weddings. The sunflower is the perfect statement piece, and the placement is all up to the bride. Sunflowers are great for bouquets, arches or center piece. With so many placement options, they make flower planning a breeze.

Did I mention sunflowers look great in different themed weddings?

Planning a wedding can be (and most likely is) a difficult task, but why? My theory is that, as women, we want it all. I want a country wedding, but then I also want a beach wedding. It only happens once, and it’s hard to choose. Sunflowers can be used in many different themes, such as: southern rustic charm, country elegant weddings, beach weddings and outdoor weddings.

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2011 Fall Wedding Bouquet Trends

Featured Fall Wedding Bouquets *

Our florist friends on Facebook constantly keep us with our jaw on the ground. Each week they post some of the most amazing designs around! Because it’s wedding season, we’ve seen a lot of amazing fall bouquets! So let’s take a look at what trendy designs are popular for 2011 fall brides!

*The gorgeous bouquet in the photo above was created by C & C Sensations in Waynesboro, VA. It features deep red roses mixed with circus roses (orange with red tips) and hypericum berries. This florist also did an amazing job weaving in bright bits of green with bells of Ireland.

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Greet The Summer Sun With Sunflowers

Sunny Day GreetingsCan you believe summer is already here?! The first day of summer starts June 21st! What better what to greet the hot, summer sun than with beautiful golden sunflowers?!

It’s oh-so easy to tell how sunflowers got their name. Their round, disk centers and petal rays give them a gorgeous sun-like appearance. Now you can bring the summer sun into your home with a bundle of beautiful sunflowers.

Sunflowers For Summer Parties

Use Sunflowers to easily decorate for your summer parties and get-togethers. Use them as your main centerpiece, buffet table decor or simply use them as an accessory for your home. Their bright, vivid colors will glow in any room!

If you are attending a party, take a bouquet of sunflowers as your hostess gift! Sunflowers look great and give a summery feel to any space.

Sunflowers At The Office

If you need a little pick-me-up around the office, have a bright and cheery sunflower arrangement delivered. Why not treat yourself to a little luxury once in a while, and bringing summer inside to a sometimes dreary office can make a world of difference.

No matter how you use them, sunflowers create an instant smile. Be sure to order yours from a real local florist!