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Mumkin Pumpkin – Fall Decor

Mumpkin Pumpkin Photo

During Halloween, jack-o-lanterns are on doorsteps everywhere! While pumpkins are typically used for Halloween, they are also great for fall and Thanksgiving decor! (Just without the faces.)

We spotted this adorable pumpkin decor idea and had to share: Mumkins! You know we love it because it mixes chrysanthemums with this iconic Halloween/Fall/Thanksgiving symbol.

Creating a mumkin is easy!

  • Step 1: Use an awl or ice pick to poke holes, approximately 1/2″ apart, around the entire pumpkin.
  • Step 2: Cut blooms with 2″ to 3″ stems off the plants. Strip leaves from the stems. (Larger pumpkins will need around 120 blooms to completely cover them; smaller pumpkins need about 100 blooms.)
  • Step 3: Stick blooms in the holes. The moisture from the pumpkin flesh will keep your “mumkin” looking good for 3 to 4 days.

Create mumkins out of several sized pumpkins for great table decor.

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Is This Plant A Pumpkin?

Ask the Expert: Pumpkin?

Young Pumpkin Plant

Young Pumpkin Plant

Last year I threw old pumpkins that were not cut open in my back yard.  I think they were just the small kind you use to cook with and they are hard to cut.  Anyways now this year there is a big mysterious plant growing close to where the old pumpkins were.  In the background you cant see it very well but the pumpkin is still there and has seed there still too.

Pumpkin With Bloom Pods

Pumpkin With Bloom Pods

Also on the other picture it looks like more leaves or maybe those yellow flowers are growing that grow on pumpkin plants.  I was just wondering if this is a pumpkin plant and if so what can i do to keep it growing to grow pumpkins for this year? Amanda

Plant Expert Reply:

Yes, it seems to be a pumpkin plant.  However, your pumpkins may be slightly different than the orginal plant depending on the cross pollination that occurred last year.

Your plant looks healthy and should produce pumpkins without any problems.  Basically water and fertilizer it the plant.  When you water try not to wet the foliage.  Instead apply water at the ground level.  You can use a water soluble fertilize or a granular fertilizer.  On pumpkins I like to use a granular slow-release fertilizer.  I have been using milogranite on my squash, cucumbers and the like.  So you might try it.

You should see pumpkins start to form as soon as the blooms open up.

Reaping Sweet Rewards From Fruits As Fall Decor

A popular trend in fall decorating is enhancing the color and wonder of fall flowers with fresh and dried fruits. How does fruit enhance fall decor? Glad you’ve asked!

Bales of hay, quirky scarecrows, gourds and pumpkins are all common accents used in fall decorations. Fall flowers such as chocolate cosmos and dahlia light up autumn decor with warm, festive colors. Many fruits and vegetables also appear an a variety of fall colors making them perfect additions to creative fall decorations. Whether looking to add a splash of color to fall decorations or wanting a quirky gift to accompany an arrangement of fall flowers, fresh and dried fruits are the way to go.

The fruit most popularly used in fall decor may come as a bit of a surprise–the pumpkin. Indeed, the pumpkin is actually a fruit that can be traced back hundreds of years before the first Thanksgiving celebration. Pumpkins and their veggie counterparts, squashes and gourds, are often seen adding warm colors to a unique fall centerpiece, decorating a mantelpiece, or lighting up the home as a fun jack-o-lantern.

Spice Up Fall Decor With Festive Fruits
Spice Up Fall Decor With Festive Fruits

Pumpkins also make great gift ideas for children. Even Charlie Brown knew how important these great fruits are during the fall! Parents and children can enjoy carving jack-o-lanterns into funny faces that will be enjoyed all season. Trips to the local pumpkin patch make great weekend getaways for families wanting a fun fall outing.

Once the pumpkins have made it home safely, enlisting the help of children in creating festive fall decorations around the house encourages family togetherness, stimulates creativity, and is a very fun way to develop an appreciation of nature in children–not to mention memories that will last a lifetime.

So the next time you stop to buy fall flowers from your local florist, think about the fun ways to include fruits and veggies in your decorations. The sweetest of the sweet rewards will follow.

Try These Impressive Hostess Gifts Ideas For Fall Parties

“Never arrive to a party empty-handed.” ~ Mom’s Everywhere

It’s almost impossible to break away from this helpful tidbit of information that many moms delivered, nay, insisted throughout our formative years. Now that you’ve been invited to a fun fall party, the inevitable question arises:  “What should I bring?” Don’t be stuck searching for hours for the perfect hostess gift idea. Here are Flower Shop Network’s top picks:

  • Potted mums make excellent hostess gifts. Potted mums appear in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. They’re also easy to care for which is a big plus for most busy hosts.
  • Fall centerpieces decorated with gourds, miniature pumpkins, or fall flowers also put a twinkle in the eye of many hosts. This is a great gift to have delivered by a local florist before your arrival. A short and sweet card lets the host know who sent the gift without putting him or her on the spot in front of others who may not have brought a gift. At best, your host may love it enough to use it as part of the party decorations!
  • Colorful arrangements of fall flowers are a very traditional gift that hosts and hostesses will love. Fall flower arrangements can also accompany other smaller gifts such as dark chocolates, wine that complements the flowers, and other unique gift ideas.
  • Decorative pumpkins are also great and quirky gift ideas for fall parties. Depending on the formality of the event, a hand-painted pumpkin or jack-o-lantern is a unique gift that will have your host smiling brightly.

Autumn In The Pumpkin Patch

The autumn season brings with it the freshness of crisp, cool air, the glow of rich, warm colors, and an abundant harvest of floral materials. As the leaves begin to display their brilliant hues, we find ourselves irresistibly drawn to the natural symbols of fall pumpkins and gourds, dried wheat and cattails, berries and pods, and of course, vibrant fresh flowers and your local florist has just what you need to complement your seasonal decorating theme.

Celebrate the Bounty of Autumn

Fall arrangement inside a pumpkin by Old Dominion Florist, Tazewell VAWe can celebrate the bounty of autumn and simultaneously welcome our guests with a seasonal wreath of dried and permanent materials placed on the front door. A circular frame of grapevine or twigs can be embellished with any combination of fall leaves, preserved eucalyptus, artificial blossoms or fruits, and grasses or pheasant feathers, all coordinated with a patterned ribbon.

We’ve all seen pumpkins carved into jack-o-lanterns, but a fresh pumpkin can also become the container for a novel autumn centerpiece, such as the one shown here.

Flowers of Autumn

Fresh flowers for the autumn season include soft-textured red or green amaranthus, velvety celosia, tall purple liatris, a variety of asters in a wide range of colors and sizes, bristly orange safflower, cheery golden sunflowers, delicate montbretia, and crunchy yellow or purple statice. Of course, roses, alstroemeria, carnations and gerberas are available year round in a palette of autumnal hues such as orange, red, burgundy, and gold. For an interesting contrast in form and texture, consider using the waxy, mahogany-toned hypericum berries (better known as St. John’s Wort), or bright red-orange bittersweet on it’s tendrilled stems.

The Quintessential Flower of Autumn

Perhaps the quintessential flower of autumn is the chrysanthemum, which is available in a tremendous selection of colors, sizes and shapes. “Spray” chrysanthemums feature several individual flowers on one stem, whereas “disbuds” have their lateral shoots removed as they grow, resulting in one, large flower at the top of the stem. Football mums, spider and fuji mums and “Red Rovers” (with a large, reddish- rust colored, daisy-type flower at the end of the stem) are all examples of disbuds. Spray chrysanthemums are available as “cushion” or “daisy” types, as well as small, round “button” varieties, and anemone-flowered, or “duet” styles, which feature semi-double, ruffled centers.

Spray chrysanthemums are one of the best flower values around. They are inexpensive, they have many blossoms per stem, they offer a huge choice of colors and styles, and they are long lasting, often enduring for up to two weeks or longer in a vase. It’s no wonder they have been so popular for so many years.

Bring the blaze of autumn colors into your home or send some to someone you know. Call or visit your local professional florist to see what’s been harvested for you!

Fall arrangement inside a pumpkin by Old Dominion Florist, Tazewell VA