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Go Back to School On a Good Note!

As the oppressive, summer heat looks fondly toward falling temperatures and falling leaves, the kids will start lining up at the bus stop. Why not surprise your favorite pupil, teacher or bus driver with a motivating boost. Buy them a flower arrangement!

Back to school flowers by Brenham Floral Company, Brenham TXMake the Grade

Flowers are sure to make the grade in your star student’s heart. Sending a flower arrangement to your favorite student can cure those end-of-summer blues as they begin their school routine.Flowers such as forget-me-nots can be a highlight to a child during their first day at school as they adjust to a new environment and classmates.

When they walk out of those school or school bus doors with a smile, you’ll know you made an impact in their day.

Giving Thanks to Teachers

And students aren’t the only ones feeling the stress of a new school year. Brighten a teacher’s afternoon with a collection of Gerbera daisies!

Let them know that they’re ready for the undertaking of a new batch of students and learning together one day at a time. Sending flowers can serve as a great way to say “Thank you!” to those who care for your kids on a daily basis.

Enthusiasm BlossomsShare the School Spirit with a Local Florist

By ordering a flower arrangement from a local florist, your child will be sure to be the teacher’s pet. For example, find a flower arrangement with carnations in the school’s colors as a fun way to show school spirit! This can be a great touch to send some pep into someone’s steps. Also, you’re benefiting a local business who may have a star student or grandchild too!

Local florists are also familiar with schools’ policies about flower delivery, so they can advise you on the best option. Whether that be an arrangement waiting on the kitchen table or on their desk, share the school pride together and order a flower arrangement from your local florist.

Sending a bundle of flowers for back to school is the perfect way to end the first day of school on a good note! Show your appreciation for teachers, staff, administration, and your student for all of the hard work that they do with a flower arrangement.

August Newsletter: Back to School Bonanza!

Send Back To School Flowers

Make Back-to-School Special!

With the return of August comes back-to-school! School is exciting for the learning and social opportunities, but the downside is that our children are leaving the beauty of the out of doors behind them as they begin their time back in the classroom. Not to fret, this is the perfect time to send a little taste of outside in with them!

Flowers are always the perfect gift, whether for a child returning to learn at his teacher’s knee, a professor entering the revered halls of learning with the goal of molding young minds, or an administrator who may need a bright and cheery pick-me-up from the daily grind. Any reason is a good reason to send flowers. They are a beacon of joy and happiness, a reminder of the natural world all around us and they just put smiles on people’s faces!

Make going back-to-school special again. Give flowers!

Back-to-School: The Power of Flowers

It’s Back-To-School Time. With the start of classes, it becomes necessary to stop and consider how to make that first day go as smoothly as possible. You may believe you’ve already got everything you need, but whether a parent, student or teacher, there is most likely one purchase you have yet to make. I’m talking about flowers, of course! Fresh blooms fulfill multiple roles, all of which are perfect for the first day of school!

Read more about Back to School: The Power of Flowers

Best Reasons To Send Flowers In August

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Back to School: The Power of Flowers

It’s that time of year again, folks. School buses are being fueled, teachers are working hard to prep classrooms and the band, football team, and cheerleaders are beginning all-day practices. Department stores are receiving extra shipments of clothes, backpacks, pens and notebooks, and friends who have been separated for the summer are fervently texting and Facebooking about being reunited.

Flowers make Back To School Special

It’s Back-To-School Time

With the start of classes, it becomes necessary to stop and consider how to make that first day go as smoothly as possible. My first day was always an eclectic mix of being under-prepared, lost and uncomfortable in my new clothes, but I’m sure you’re way more prepared than I ever was. Still, that’s not saying much. You may believe you’ve already got everything you need, but whether a parent, student or teacher, there is most likely one purchase you have yet to make.

The Power of Flowers for Back to School

I’m talking about flowers, of course! Fresh blooms fulfill multiple roles, all of which are perfect for the first day of school:

  • A Symbol of Love – Flowers have long been held as a symbol of love and friendship. They make the perfect gift for two young, reuniting lovers who have been kept apart by the long summer, (Well played Mom and Dad, well played.) a parent sending an apprehensive child off to a new school, or a teacher whose spouse wants to see them [Read more…]

Send Flowers For The First Day of School

Flowers make Back To School Special

Can you believe it’s already back-to-school time for a lot of places? It will be here for everyone before you know it. How can you make this year extra special? Kick off the school year by sending your child flowers.

Have you ever forgotten any time you’ve gotten flowers? Of course not, it’s always memorable and special. There’s something about flowers that makes us swell with pride. What better way for a kid to start school than with confidence in themselves and a boost of self-esteem? Knowing their family is backing them 100% they are ready to face any challenge.

Parent tip: You can dry or press these flowers and hold onto them for a special keepsake.

What to know about sending flowers to a school

Schools often have policies regarding delivered gifts. Most florists are aware of their local school policies and can give you advice on the best way to send flowers to your child. If your school does not allow delivered gifts, you could have it waiting for them when they get home from school, or set the flowers up the night before so they wake up to a beautiful surprise.

The most important thing to remember when sending flowers is to always always always use a real local florist. Not only will they know all about your school’s gifting policies, they will be able to help you choose the perfect arrangement for your kiddo! If you don’t know your local florist, use FSN’s handy local florist finder to find yours today!

Cut College Stress – Relax With Dorm Room Flowers!

It’s back to school time again! For freshmen, and even returning students, this can be a stressful time. And let’s not for get those poor mamas, who’s little chicks are leaving the nest for the first time. Make this time easier on everyone with flowers! Science and research has shown, there is something about flowers that never fails to lift our spirits. Flowers entice almost all our senses at once — the color, the fragrance, the textures — there is just nothing like it!

Pink Flowers With CandyDorm Room Flowers

Match Your College Style

Flowers do more than just enhance our mood, their presence in a new place can really make it feel like home. Choose flowers in colors that will match your dorms furnishings. No matter what your colors or style, flowers are the perfect accent to any decor.

  • Bright and Cheery? Try a bouquet of Gerbera daisies in an array of fun summer colors.
  • Vintage Chic? Go for dusty pink roses, old-fashioned baby’s breath, and unique garden-flower accents.
  • Going Green? Choose an all-green floral design, with natural branches or willow
  • Pretty in Pink? Choose a variety of flowers all in bright shades of pink, accent with touches of tiny white flowers.

No matter what your style, your local florist will be able to create something specifically-YOU to bring your new home-away-from-home together.
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Show Your GRAD They’re RAD — Send Flowers!

Sending Graduation FlowersWhat better what to say, “I’m so proud of you” for all of your Grad’s hard work than by sending graduation flowers? Sure, it may sound cliche, but seriously, a reminder to stop and smell the roses couldn’t come at a better time.

Flowers Congratulate – The gift of flowers is a tried and true tradition that dates back probably as long as humans and flowers have been together. A beautiful flower is like nature’s gift we have all won and deserve in our own ways. A graduate, for all their hard work, deserves the best nature has to offer!

Flowers Keep Things Simple – Flowers remind us of the beauty of nature and really keep us grounded as we go through times that may be overwhelming, such as graduating. Research shows flowers have an immediate impact on happiness and long-term effects on positive moods.

Flowers Keep Us Going – We all know flowers will eventually wilt, however this reminds us of the brevity in life. We must stay proactive in order to flourish, and that’s the only way to make the most of yourself.

Include This Graduation Card Message:

A beautiful flower is like nature’s gift we’ve all won and deserve in our own ways. As a graduate, you deserve only the best for all of your hard work and dedication. Life has a lot in store for you, but no matter where your like may take you, never forget the beauty of a flower. Flowers spring up and bloom for our pleasure every year, and although they may fade, just wait a while and their vivid beauty will return again. No matter what you are going through in life, stay proactive. Continue to flourish and you will truly make the most of yourself.

This post is brought to you by local Bismark ND florists.
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Unique Bud Vases From The ISFA Convention

These little novelty bud vases were a HOOT at the Illinois State Florist Association Convention last month. In a class titled “Rockin’ Petal Pets, Eldon Haab showed attendees how to create some of the coolest and most unique floral designs around! Of course the pets were super cute; the poodles were just adorable. One type of design we had never seen before was his unique bud vases in the forms of little people! Check it out:

Cheerleader Flowers - Novelty Flowers

Just imagine sending this cheerful bud vase to your favorite cheerleader, perhaps as congratulations or for a job well done! Kids and teens love these little vases because of the bendable appendages! It’s so much fun making them strike a pose! (more pics after the jump!) [Read more…]

Flowers Are Any Teacher’s Favorite Back To School Gift

Parents and children celebrate going back to school with a bang. There is lots of back to school shopping and back to school parties to enjoy. But what does the teacher get?

This year, send your child’s teacher some flowers. Better still, buy a bouquet of flowers from your local florist and have your child present them. Flowers aren’t quite as tasty as an apple but the smile lasts longer.

Another idea is to visit your local flower shop and see if they have any mugs that are appropriate for your child’s teacher. They could say “#1 Teacher,” “You’re The Best,” or anything like this. Then, ask your florist to create a small mug bouquet or candy mug for the teacher. Both are excellent gifts that are unique and creative.  Instead of adding to the pile of apples on the desk, add a smile instead with a candy mug or mug bouquet.

Of course, no teacher will refuse a balloon or two, especially tied to the rim of a candy mug or back to school flower vase. They may wish to put them in a different part of the room so as not to make the other children feel badly about getting nothing or something smaller. If this is a concern for you, make sure the flowers are presented at the end of the day or to the teacher’s home. Bringing back to school flowers and gifts at the end of the day not only spares embarrassment for others, but it also gives you a chance to speak to the teacher when more one-on-one time is available and the stress of the day is gone.

For more back to school gift ideas, contact your creative local florist!

Need A Fresh Flower Decorating Tip For A Back-To-School Party?

Back to school parties are the highlight of the summer. They set the tone for the rest of the school year. After a long summer’s vacation (or a short one for year-round schools), it’s always nice to throw a little celebration that welcomes in the new school year and says goodbye to summer vacation. It’s not a time to mope though! Back to school parties are fun, exciting, refreshing gettogethers with friends. Where’s a cause for sadness in that??

So now that we’re up to speed on the tone of a back to school party it’s time to talk about decorating. Fresh flowers are, as with any party, the best way to bring life and vitality to the celebration. Streamers, balloons, and party utensils are all well and good. What really gets the party decorations bumping though–why, that’s flowers of course!

Here Are Some Clever Fresh Flower Decorating Tips for A Back To School Party

  • Match the color of the flower arrangement to the decorations. If the team colors are black and gold, live it up with black and gold flowers! (Yes, it CAN be done!) If they are red and white, use red and white. And so on and so forth.
  • Use your child’s favorite color(s) as the theme of the flower arrangements. This will help your child feel like they had a special hand in the party and that it really is something to celebrate part of their life.
  • Ask each child to bring one fresh flower to the party. Use these to create a bouquet or two. Place these at the center of the room so that each child will be able to view their contribution. If an outdoor party, create a centerpiece for the picnic table or food table using the same idea.
  • Decorate the main table with fresh flowers then give each child one as they leave. Stems of flowers are excellent gifts for young middle school children and older children. Young children are easily amused and glad to receive any gift. Older children recognize the significance and may choose to preserve the flowers, especially if it’s the Back To School Party for their senior year.

Have any other ideas? Send them our way by placing them in the comments box below. Who knows? Your idea may make it THE Back To School Party of the new millenium!