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DIY Pressed Flower Phone Case


We are always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to use flowers, and any time we find an idea that is “outside the box”, we like to highlight it. That’s the case today as we ran across this excellent DIY post on Etsy from author Clare McGibbon detailing how to decorate a phone case with dried and pressed flowers! The process is simple, though not without need for a steady hand. Still, Mrs. McGibbon includes a method for clean-up if you get a little wild with the resin.

It’s perfect for anyone wanting to customize their own phone case, and could even be used to make beautiful, flower-themed cases to sell! Check out the article here.


First Day of Spring – Celebrate Spring Equinox

Ah, spring! This season brings more sunshine, warming temperatures, and the rebirth of flowers everywhere.

Warsaw Equinox Festival PhotoThe first day of spring is also the Vernal equinox. The word equinox is derived from the Latin words meaning “equal night.” Days and nights are both approximately 12 hours long, with daytime increasing afterwards. Spring is heralded by the blooming of deciduous magnolias, quince, tulips and daffodils. Life everyone seems to ‘spring forth’.

The celebration of spring takes place in all corners of the world — from India’s Holi color festival, to the hot air balloon festival at the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico, people everywhere celebrate this ancient solar holiday.

What do many of these celebrations have in common?

  • Spring Flowers – Flowers have been an steady constant in spring celebrations throughout time for people all across the globe. From the symbolic Easter lily that represents a person’s faith in western cultures, to gifts, offerings and blessings of flowers to gods and ancestors in many eastern cultures — flowers are an essential part of most spring celebrations.
  • Spring Cleaning – We do it every year to prepare for summer fun, and you know how great it makes you feel to clear out the junk that seems to pile up during the cold months. In many cultures, the spring clean is a crucial part of practicing their faith.

How can you celebrate spring?

  • Decorate your home – Use spring colors and lots of fresh flowers. Replace anything using dark, winter colors with a fresh new breath of spring.
  • Celebrate family heritage – Take some time to research how your ancestors might have celebrated the solar holiday. For instance, if you come from an ancient Celt background, you might light a bonfire to observe the ancient Gaelic spring festival of Imbolc, in honor your past.
  • Family reunion – That’s what they do in Japan for the vernal equinox, in addition to visiting family graves.
  • A day for Mom – Honor mom with springtime gifts, including flowers and plants. In many Arab countries, the period of the equinox is set aside to honor mothers. Yes, we have Mother’s Day for that, but why wait when you can double her joy?
  • Sunrise celebration – Throughout time, cultures all across the globe have celebrated during sunrise on the morning of the vernal equinox. Why not wake up a little early just to watch the sun rise, especially if the weather is warm enough?

There’s no right or wrong way to celebrate the beginning of spring. Find your own way to welcome the new and highly anticipated season. If you have any suggestions, please add them in the comments below!

Photo via National Geographic

Send The Beauty of Fall Through Flowers

The Beauty of Fall ColorsThere’s nothing more beautiful than a good fall. This year, fall has came early to many areas of North America. Because of the intense drought we saw this summer, fall 2012 is predicted to be one of the most beautiful and colorful autumns we’ve seen in a long time. Here in Arkansas, the leaves are just about to turn, and I know I couldn’t be more excited.

With our dwindling daylight and cooler overnight temps, you could be just now seeing hints of fall color, or might have already seen the peak of your fall beauty. No matter what the case, you can easily enjoy the beauty of fall. Order flowers for yourself, your home, and friends!

Take advantage of the season before it’s gone! Be sure to get out for a long, Sunday drive. Go camping. Visit a local state park. Just get outside and enjoy it while it lasts!

(Check out: Fall Foliage Guide via TheWeatherChannel)

Decorating For Fall

We decorate for fall like no other season. This is probably because it is one of the most naturally-beautiful and colorful seasons. Fall decor and Thanksgiving go hand-in-hand. Why not start early? The best way to decorate for fall, or any season, is to visit your local flower shop. They’ve certainly got you covered for all-things autumn. [Read more…]

Year Of The Dragon: Welcome 2012

2012 Year of the Dragon

The Chinese New Year is the most celebrated event in Chinese culture. This Year, Chinese New Year starts on January 23rd and lasts 15 days. The festivities end on the 15th day with the Lantern Festival, a celebration of light.

The Chinese calendar is lunar based, so this holiday is often called the Lunar New Year. Chinese New Year’s Eve is known as chú xī (除夕). It literally means “Year-pass Eve,” and is also a festive time just like the New Years Eve we have in the States. 2012 is the year of the dragon according to the Chinese Zodiac.

Chinese dragons are legendary creatures in Chinese mythology and folklore. In contrast to the ‘evil’ European dragons, Chinese dragons traditionally symbolize potent and auspicious powers, particularly control over water, rainfall, hurricane, and floods. The dragon is also a symbol of power, strength, and good luck. With this, the Emperor of China usually uses the dragon as a symbol of his imperial power.

Means Dragon.

Red is also very important to the Chinese New Year because of it’s legendary ability to fight off evil. If you’re throwing a Chinese New Year party, use lots of red decorations. Yellow and gold decorations are also used for this celebration because it symbolizes luck and prosperity. A beautiful and easy way to decorate for Chinese New Year is with flowers! Order a variety of unique flowers in bright red and yellow with gold ribbon.

For more party ideas, check out last year’s article filled with great ideas for your Chinese New Years Celebration!

"Cascading Splendor" Fall Flowers

Cascading Splendor, the arrangement above, is our favorite flower arrangement for Chinese New Years, but your local florist will have tons of great ideas for any size occasion. [Read more…]

Vintage Kitchen Inspired Flower Displays

Vintage Kitchen InspirationIt’s the newest fad – Flowers in Culinary Containers! Kitchen-themed flower art is both inspiring and classic. If your party plans take guests into the kitchen, this flower idea is the perfect addition to your kitchen.

To get that vintage-inspired, natural look, use these items for the foundation of your design:

  • Old colanders
  • Mixing bowls
  • Mason jars and ceramic jugs
  • Vintage tin cans
  • Muffin pans.

Find these items at local thrift or second hand stores. The older the better; these items can bring a special childhood nostalgia to life.

Kitchen-themed Flower Ideas

When choosing flowers, simplicity is key –

  • Choose garden flowers, such as peonies, garden roses, liatris, sunflowers, lilies, and delphiniums.
  • Include fruits and veggies, such as artichokes, apples, and eggplant for a natural, timeless ‘Farmers Market’ feel.
  • Interesting foliages add texture and eye-catching designs to your arrangement. Think long bear grass or wheat.

Fruits and vegetables are a great way to bring depth and creativity to a clear vase as well. Fill your vase or clear jugs with apples, oranges, carrots, cranberries, cucumbers or any bright colored vegetable or fruit.  Just imagine guests walking through the kitchen buffet spread, all the while mesmerized by your amazing kitchen flower arrangement. These displays are perfect for bringing an interesting impact to any event!

If you’re interested in adding a vintage kitchen flower arrangement to your next party mix, give your local florist a call. I’m sure they will have even more exciting ideas!

Charlotte Florist Dazzles Christmas Parties With Fresh Flowers

Joel from Flowers PlusThis article was contributed by guest author, Joel Houston with the help of Micheal Mancinelli, from Flowers Plus in Charlotte NC. Charlotte is a very traditional city, and the wave of contemporary elegance is just starting to catch on. Flowers Plus is on the foreground of this movement, so Flower Shop Network invited them to share their holiday experiences with us.

This season brings lots of holiday parties, and flowers certainly play a very special role. At Flowers Plus, we couldn’t be more excited. This year, we have had the opportunity to showcase our design work, along with other top florists in Charlotte NC, at Holiday House 2010 which benefits local medical charities.

We were selected for the prominent position of the upstairs foyer, which featured a sixteen foot wide French doorway that leads to the main balcony, located on the front of the home. We chose to place the main Christmas tree for the family in this room.

The theme for this holiday event was “Dazzling“, and we dazzled with a Christmas tree completely decorated with fresh flowers. Everyone was talking about how beautiful and different it was to have the tree decorated with fresh flowers. It was all the rage!

Fresh Flower Christmas Tree Decorations

This year, one of the hottest Christmas colors we’ve seen is a vivid, apple green. To bring out this color, we used beautiful Dendrobium orchid sprays, with fragrant ‘Casa Blanca’ lilies, star-of-Bethlehem, hot-pink heather and blushing, ‘Porcelina’ roses. We also used these in a large, holiday floral arrangement at the top of the stairs to compliment the tree.

Fresh Flower Christmas Tree Matching Christmas Flower Arrangement

Holiday Flower Arrangement Matching The Fresh Flower Christmas Tree

The trend at Flowers Plus this year is refined elegance — bold, monochromatic flower arrangements that are very lush and full in contemporary containers. However, traditional Christmas floral designs with our special touch, are always available as well. We offer a wide variety of fresh flowers and evergreens. Flowers Plus LogoBold Amaryllis in white, red and crimson, fragrant paper whites, ‘Casa Blanca’ lilies, bells-of-Ireland, ‘Charlotte’ roses, star-of-Bethlehem, calla lilies and orchids are just a few of the many varieties we offer here at our Charlotte flower shop to make your holiday season special.

When using high-end products, it sets an elegant tone that so many look forward to this time of year, and it really just makes everyone feel special. Flowers are a luxury and allow each person to make a luxurious statement about themselves and their individual style.

Whether you’re in Charlotte, or as far away as Butte, Montana, elegant floral arrangements make the perfect accompaniment to your holiday decor.

Happy Holiday’s to everyone from the Staff at Flowers Plus.

If you’re a florist with a great story or neat idea you’d like to share, contact us at social@flowershopnetwork.com with your ideas, to find out how to become a guest writer for the Bloomin’ Blog.

Entertain Your Guests With Beautiful Floral Decorations

A beautiful arrangement placed on your kitchen table is simply stunning for your everyday life, but what if you’re hosting a dinner party? There is a variety of unique ideas that you can use flowers to compliment your party. Here are a few tips and ideas to make your dinner party absolutely amazing with flowers!

Use Flowers For Fabulous Table Decor

Beautiful Floral Centerpiece

Beautiful Floral Centerpiece

First thing’s first, what is the style of your party? Are you planning a themed party? Is it more casual, elegant or a true, fine dining affair? Once you’ve figured that out, go to your local florist and they will help you with what flowers are in season. Then, you can get creative by mixing and matching the flowers and creating a beautiful color palette.

Beautiful Centerpiece: Of course, you can do the traditional floral centerpiece in the middle of your table. A more elegant feel can be created with a larger centerpiece, while a more casual dinner party would have a smaller centerpiece.When thinking about your table centerpiece, keep your dinner style in mind. Plus, a centerpiece is something you’ll be able to enjoy for days to come and keep you reminded of what a great night you shared with close friends and family.

Party Place Card Holder

Party Place Card Holder

Place Settings: Think of individual place settings using flowers. A simple flower in a small vase, glass or teacup would be ideal. Just attach a tag with your guest’s name on it and they’ll know exactly where to sit. A bonus is that you can send beautiful flowers home with your guests as a thank you for coming gift. They’ll have something to take home and continue to enjoy your fabulous party. Floral place settings are a great personal touch that lets your guests know you’re thinking of them.

Table Runner: Want to create something unique? Instead of a floral centerpiece that can sometimes block conversation, focus on a floral table runner. Your expert florist will have tons of ideas for this arrangement. Picture beautiful flowers running across your table. They’ll make for a great conversation starter as well as be a visual treat. Think garland or branches, and then place your flowers along them with beautiful ribbon as an accent. You can also place small tea light candles around the floral table runner for a more elegant feel. Your table setting will set the style and theme of your great dinner party!

Tying It All Together

Easy Floral Design For Parties

Easy Floral Design For Parties

A beautiful table scape is the ideal place to set your flowers, but don’t forget to place them around the house in other rooms. This helps tie your style and theme altogether. Plus, it adds nice fragrances and creates beautiful focal points. Welcome your guests at your front door with a beautiful flower arrangement as soon as they walk in. It’s a great personal touch and helps your friends feel welcomed.

Set a smaller vase out in your living room or create an arrangement for your fireplace. This may seem like a lot, but remember it ties it altogether and can be used to create a beautiful home decor setting, especially around the holidays. One place, you may not think to place a small bud vase is the restroom. Again, powder room arrangements add that personal touch and ties your dinner party altogether. Simple floral arrangements also add a sense of style.

These are just helpful tips on how you can use basic floral arrangements to create an elegant setting for your next dinner party. Table arrangements, place settings and beautiful flowers around the house are great personal touches that will provide a beautiful setting and make it feel more personable for your guests. Remember, using these floral decoration ideas for your next dinner party is great, but using these all year round will have your house looking simply stunning.

Contact your local florist and ask about flowers for entertaining. Decorating your home is their specialty and they might have even more great ideas not mentioned here! Even if you are a DIYer, your florist will have a great selection of fresh flowers to work with.

This post is brought to you by local St. Louis MO florists.
No where near St. Louis? Not a problem, use Flower Shop Network’s handy directory of florists to find a local florist near you!

Florist Tips: Even YOU Can Use Videos To Increase Holiday Sales

Piquing the interest of potential customers is the key to increasing sales for the holidays. Sure, we send out the usual holiday mailers, set up vibrant displays in our shops, even run ads on the television or radio — but there’s got to be more, right?

Videos are the key to increasing sales this holiday season! With the rising popularity of YouTube, many retailers are turning to videos as a way to increase interest in their products and services.

“But I can’t afford a video camera…

Now, I know what you’re thinking, a video camera is completely out of your budget. Believe it or not, they’re actually pretty inexpensive these days. In the September article, Give A Flip: Videos Made Easy, Floral Management recommends the Flip UltraHD. This is a great buy for it’s HD video, built-in rechargeable battery, easy-to-install software, and much more — all for around $160-180. The camera we use here at FSN is the Cannon FS200. It’s very small and records standard-definition video and photos to an SD card, also for around $200. There are tons of other great, inexpensive options out there, so there are no excuses!

“What in the world would I make a video of?”

Example Of How A Christmas Video Will Look

Flower Arrangement Showcase
Since we are talking holidays, show off your amazing holiday decorating skills! Take before-and-after video of that boring living room you transformed into a winter wonderland. Show off your Christmas centerpieces in the grand dining rooms you create them for.

You’d be surprised how many people don’t realize their florists can decorate their homes for the holidays.

Take close-up video of all of your holiday flowers or just holiday-colored flowers. Even if they have not been arranged, they will put viewers in the mood for Christmas. Show off your holiday centerpieces and flower arrangements. Tease viewers with sneak peeks of your new holiday products and decor!

Design Videos
You know those hit TV shows all about people’s jobs? There are cake designers, chefs, interior designers, fashion designers — do you honestly think a florist’s job is any less entertaining? People love seeing creative designers take ordinary materials and turn them into something magical.

Set up the camera to film yourself in action! Give your viewers a feel of what it’s like to be a floral designer. Explain: Why you choose the flowers and colors you do. What types of design elements and contrasts you are using in your arrangement. Show them fantastic techniques only a florist could do with holiday flowers. It’s all about enticing the viewer to want flowers from YOU! Anyone can bunch some flowers together in a vase, but it takes a true floral professional to come up with the amazing designs from your shop!

Video example courtesy of Belvedere Flowers

Weddings! Take video of your wedding decorations. Show future-brides exactly what your flower shop can do for them! Take your video the night before the wedding to ensure there will be no people, so viewers can focus solely on your wedding decor. Show the beautifully designed reception tables and centerpieces in all their glory!

How-to Videos
Show customers how to use fresh flowers as holiday decorations. It can be as simple or elaborate as you would like… or maybe a mix of both!

How-to give hostess gifts: Sure, WE know flowers are the best hostess gifts, but show it on camera! Write out a little mini-movie: {Scene 1} Have a party with your friends. Set up a few decorations, but nothing too elaborate.. just a small, pot-luck style party with friends. {Scene 2} Have a friend arrive with a beautiful arrangement of holiday flowers for the hostess. Be sure to show the hostess’ surprised/elated face when she realizes they are just for her! {Scene 3} Show a scene of the party afterward with the arrangement decorating the buffet table. What a difference flowers make at a party!

TIP: You don’t have to know a lot about editing movies to create one. At the end of a scene, pause or stop recording, then begin again when it comes time to shoot your next segment. This way there is no need for major editing.

There are unlimited possibilities when it comes to how-to videos! You could do anything from “How to keep flowers fresh in vases” to “How to use fresh flowers to decorate your mantel for the holidays.” Just use your imagination!

Okay, I’ve made my videos, now what??

So, you’ve made your videos, now you’ve got to promote them! (I promise it’s easier than you think!)

First of all, play them in your shop if you can. Pick your favorite videos and play them on repeat in your shop. This will catch your customers’ eye instantly and give them a little insight on the services of your shop. You can either have a computer monitor set up to replay the video. If you are planning to do a lot of videos, you might consider investing in a digital photo frame. These are easy to use and great for setting up in your shop or store front.

YouTube makes it easy to spread your videos around the web. After uploading your videos, YouTube gives you an easy link to share on your website or Facebook. Send the link in your email campaigns. You can even embed the videos into your website. Facebook also allows you to upload videos to your shop’s Business Page!

Be sure to let us know when you post your videos online, we’d love to see them! Just paste a link in the comments below.

This post is brought to you by local Haverton PA florists.
Not in Haverton? Use Flower Shop Network’s handy directory of real local florists to find a florist near you!

Decorate Your Thanksgiving With A Plentiful Cornucopia

Cornucopias are awesome. They are unique, beautiful and bountiful. They are traditional representations of Thanksgiving. What’s not to love?

Did you know that the cornucopia is rich in history and is as much as strong symbol of Greek mythology as it is a representation of the American Thanksgiving? Yeah. I didn’t either until I began to search for ideas online that my local florist could use. I’m not super crafty so I figured I’d rely on the experts for this one. That aside, here’s a brief history of cornucopias.

A Brief History of Cornucopias: (told you)

The cornucopia’s history can be traced as far back as the fifth century B.C. Obviously that’s a bit longer than the early days of the American colonies. Though the mythology varies after centuries of retelling, Greek legend has it that the first cornucopia belonged to Amalthea. If you ever wondered who nursed Zeus as a baby, it was the nymph Amalthea. She used a goat’s horn that had broken off and filled it with her breast milk so that Zeus could suckle.

One legend states that Amalthea was a goat herself and the horn was hers broken off by Zeus as they were playing together. He felt bad and gave it back to her,now retrofitted with supernatural powers. The power, as all of the legends concur, had the ability to fill itself with whatever the owner wished. It became a symbol of plenty and that’s how it earned many of its nicknames.

See? The story is really quite interesting. I wonder how many of the pilgrims knew the legend and used cornucopias for this reason (their representation of plenty, abundance). As they were religious pilgrims under the Christian religion, I doubt they modeled their celebration after Greek mythology but it’s an interesting speculation nonetheless. What do you think?

This Thanksgiving, why not decorate your table with a plentiful cornucopia surrounded by fresh flowers. Not only will the fragrance smell as good as dinner, but it will also be a festive decoration that will be a surefire conversation starter.

To buy cornucopias for your table, use FlowerShopNetwork.com to contact your local florist. You may also click the picture of your favorite cornucopia to buy one from your local florist. [Read more…]

Need A Fresh Flower Decorating Tip This Fall?

Get ready for two months of flower decorating tips for fall! I’m one of the dozens at Flower Shop Network that adores the fall. It is beautiful weather, the perfect time to be outdoors, and the season for earth toned colors that blend the somber with the beautiful. Ahhhh…fall.

There are a lot of ways to decorate a home for fall. For starters, you’re going to need plenty of fresh flowers. Dried and preserved will work, of course, but there is something sensuous and inviting about fresh flowers. They just start the season off right. Besides, as the leaves begin to fall and the colors burst then fade, you’re going to like having the fresh flowers around as you welcome winter weather into your home.

Fresh Flower Decorating Tips For Fall:

'Fall Flirtations' Vase Arrangement

'Fall Flirtations' Vase Arrangement

Holiday Decorating — There are several national holidays celebrated during the fall months of September, October and November. Labor Day starts the month of September off with a vacation day for many. Halloween and Thanksgiving also fall in the later fall months. Columbus Day is nestled into October as are other holidays. Whether keeping one theme throughout or decorating for each, order a themed flower arrangement from your local florist and display it prominently in your home. Don’t forget Halloween flower arrangements and Thanksgiving flowers when the time comes!

Fall Yard Decor — Flowers, hay, pumpkins, chrysanthemums and scarecrows are as standard to fall as the changing colors of the leaves. To celebrate, create a display in your yard that celebrates the natural elements of fall. Stack hay bales in a triangular fashion then arrange pumpkins, gourds, chrysanthemums and a scarecrow or two to accent your yard delightfully.

Fall Wreath — Seasonal wreaths for the door are fun fall decorations. Many florists create unique floral wreaths. To find out which wreaths are the most popular as you choose the one for your door, view the Top 5 Holiday Wreaths For The Front Door.

Decorate The Mantlepiece — The mantlepiece is one of the best places in the home for decorating. Welcome wall with the use of fresh garlands and greenery, gourds, baby pumpkins, miniature scarecrows and fall flowers. If you like the smell of fall themed candles, these are also fun additions to the scenery.

You’re off to a good start! Have fun decorating your home for the fall season. Don’t forget to stop back by and show us photos of your creative displays!