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The Lavish Lily

It’s easy to see why the lily is a popular favorite during spring, considering it’s used as a symbol of Easter.


The genus Lilium includes over 100 different species. Lilies are a favorite among gardeners and florists for their large, showy blooms. Lilies thrive in many types of landscapes and even do well in potted containers.

Where Did The Name Come From?
The Latin name for Lily is the botanic name Lilium, this is derived from the Greek word leírion, (λείριον). This word has an unusual history, it comes from a mix of Greek and Egyption words. Linguists, or language specialists, believe that both the Egyptian and the Greek word are possible loans from an extinct, substratum language of the Eastern Mediterranean.

Speaking of names, ‘lily’ tends to get thrown around a lot in the flower world. Calla lilies, water lilies, lily of the valley — none of these are actually in the lily family.

Lilies in the Kitchen?
Lilies are also very important to cultural and even culinary traditions to much of the world. That’s right! In many areas, especially in Asia, lily bulbs are eaten as root vegetables, much like potatoes! (Although bulbs of some species may be very bitter.) Below is a picture of a bag of lily bulb noodles.

Lily Noodles - GumJum


Madonna LilyThe Madonna Lily, Lilium candidum, is perhaps the best known lily species there is. The Madonna Lily symbolizes purity for Roman Catholics. In medieval times, depictions of the Virgin Mary often show her holding these flowers. Going back even further, Madonna lilies are depicted on wall paintings at the Minoan palace of Knossos.

There are translations of the Bible that identify the Hebrew word Shoshannah as ‘lily’ in Song of Soloman (Song of Songs) “As the lily among thorns, so is my love among the daughters.” Song of Soloman 2:2 (KJV), not as a rose as is customary to translate.

In King Solomon’s Temple there were also designs of Madonna lilies on the columns. [Read more…]

FSN’s Favorite Flower Arrangement For April

FSN’s Favorite Flower Arrangement for April

Looking for a great flower arrangement to send to your favorite relative this Easter? Maybe you know someone who has an April Birthday?  Missing You Bunches is the perfect arrangement for any occasion in April! Flowers in a basket are an iconic tradition for Easter and are a perfect way to get into the spirit! No matter what age or personality, Missing You Bunches is a sure winner!

Find More Easter Flowers

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Hyacinth: A Favorite Springtime Flower

All About Hyacinths

Spring has sprung! The daffodils, tulips and other spring flowers are waking up from their slumber. Hyacinths are our favorite flower this month, mostly because of their wonderful fragrance that could only be described as truly springtime!


• Use: Flower

Type: Bulbous Perennials

Height: 6in – 14in

Meaning: Rebirth


Requirements: Well-drained, moderately fertile soil. Can be forced to grow early for winter indoor displays.


Blossom Size: 4″-8″ tall

Texture: Waxy

Fragrance: Strong

Silhouette: Dense spike of flowers

Vase Life: 4-7 Days

Colors: Blue, white, pale yellow, pink, red or purple

Flowering: Spring to Autumn

Flowers Available: Jan-Jul and Dec


The beautiful spring hyacinth is a definite signal that spring has finally sprung! They are a short plant, but covered in highly fragrant, tiny bells. Perfect for any garden close to a window for spring fragrance.

Hyacinths are native to southwestern Asia and the Middle East. They are myrmecochory, meaning their seeds are dispersed by ants. Ants find the hyacinth seeds and take them to their burrows where they germinate. (who knew?)

Hyacinth popularity rose to fame during the era of Tulipmania in the Netherlands, where they were majorly cultivated.

Hyacinth Field

What’s In A Name?

The hyacinth name comes from the Greek divine hero, Hyacinth, who was admired by the god Apollo. One day, as he and Apollo were throwing the discuss, Zephyr, the West Wind, blew the discuss and killed Hyacinth in a moment of jealousy. Apollo refused to let Hades claim Hyacinth and instead created flowers, the hyacinth, from his spilled blood.

Today, the Spartan celebration of Hyacinthia is observed every summer. This story also inspired the Mozart opera, Apollo and Hyacinth.


Rebirth Celebrations

Hyacinths have represented rebirth in many cultures. They are often associated with spring, but especially Easter. Flowers for Easter are often soft, pastel colors and the hyacinth offers just that, and a wonderful spring fragrance to accompany it.

We also see hyacinth used in personal religious ceremonies like christening and baptism. Once again, it is the perfect flower for these because of it’s flower meaning of rebirth.

Hyacinths and Nowruz

Hyacinths are used in the Haftseen table of the ancient Persian celebration Nowruz (نوروز), or the New Year, which has been celebrated for over 3,000 years. The holiday begins on the first day of Spring and is a celebration of new life. [Read more…]

FSN’s Favorite Flower Arrangement For March

FSN’s Favorite Flower Arrangement for March is…

Spring Flower Arrangement

Spring Smiles

Spring Smiles flower arrangement is the perfect gift Just Because it’s spring! Spring is a season everyone undoubtedly LOVES! The cold weather is moving out, and warmth and flowers are in full bloom.  This beautiful bouquet POPs with spring color! The hot-pink gerbs, brilliant-blue irises and vibrant-yellow tulips are enough to brighten even the gloomiest of moods. So if you or someone you know could use a little pick-me-up, send Spring Smiles today!

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FSN’s Favorite Flower Arrangement For February

Pink Tulips For Your Valentine

Kissable Tulips is our hands-down favorite flower arrangement for February. It’s fun and fresh style makes it a perfect choice to send to your Valentine. I know what you’re thinking, tulips for Valentine’s Day?? Yes! Everyone gets roses for Valentines Day, why not mix it up this year and send something a little more unique. Kissable Tulips arrangement will suffice until your lips meet hers again.
Because the Kissable Tulips arrangement is a lot less traditional, it makes the perfect arrangement to send to anyone of your many Valentines. Have one sent to your mom or even to your kid at school. Everyone loves this playful and fun Valentines Day flower arrangement.

Whomever your recipient, use a local florist to send your Valentine’s Day flowers. You will get the best quality and service, and feel good for helping your community. When using Flower Shop Network, you can guarantee you are dealing with a real, local florist.

Flowers used in this arrangement: tulips and white wax flowers

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Just How MAD is she? Send Flowers!

Did you forget an anniversary? Skip shopping for football? Talk bad about her *delicious* cooking? Well, shame on you… but there is hope…

How To Make Your Wife Happy

Send Wife FlowersThe best way to make your wife or girlfriend happy again, is by surprising her with something special — send flowers. Not just ANY flowers will do, send her a bouquet of her FAVORITES. If you don’t know her favorite flowers, send her favor color. If you don’t know you’re wife’s favorite color, you’re going to be sending a lot more flowers in your future.

Talk to your florist about your wife, tell her what styles she’s into: vintage, contemporary, glitzy, traditional, minimalistic, etc. Your florist will be able to create something wonderful based on just a few details you can tell her about your wife. Florist LOVE creating custom flower arrangements. In fact, if you are the type of guy to only shops online, most florists will have a Designer’s Choice option on their websites. Choose this option when sending flowers online. You will be able type in a comment, and tell the florist all about your girlfriend or wife.

Orange Gerbera Daisy BouquetKeeping Your Wife Happy

Keep the fire alive with spontaneity! Send her flowers just because throughout the year. Here’s a little, not-so-secret secret: women love attention. Receiving flowers at work for no reason will have your wife smiling from ear to ear, and boasting about her fabulous hubby. Every day she walks into her office and sees her desk full of meaningful blooms, she will be in an instant good mood.

Stop by your local florist after work occasionally and pick up a hand-tied bouquet of flowers to bring home to her. Hand delivered is the best flower delivery. This is a great habit to make — keep your wife happy and make her feel special, that is your job after all.

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FSN’s Favorite Flower Arrangement for June 2010

Send Father's Day Flowers

Father’s Day is just around the corner. Can you believe it’s here already? For all of the special things dad has done, and will continue to do for us, isn’t it time to give something in return? Sending the the Floral Felicity flower arrangement — this months favorite here at FSN — is the PERFECT gift for Father’s Day. It’s  bright and vivid colors are just what dad needs to remind him how much of a shining star he is to you.

Is distance keeping you from saying, “I love you” to your dad? Send him the Floral Felicity Father’s Day Arrangement!  Sending dad flowers will brighten his day and add to the special memories he shares with you. Every time your dad walks by or looks at the flowers, he will be reminded that you are always thinking of him. Nothing is better than that feeling. It’s as near to a hug as you can give.

Having trouble figuring out what to say in your card to dad? Check out these Father’s Day Card Messages — perfect little phrases to include in the enclosure card of your beautiful Father’s Day flower arrangement.