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FSN at FSFA Conference

We had the pleasure of attending FSFA’s Annual Convention this past weekend and had an unforgettable time. Our FSN Account Manager Irving Casiano Flores had a wonderful time. Here are a few pictures.

Joyce Petty from Atmore Flower ShopIrving Casiano Flores with FSN Member Joyce Petty from Atmore Flower Shop of Atmore, AL. She also won 3rd in the design competition, congratulations Joyce!

What an amazing design for the theme of the convention, Carnevale Di Venezia.

mask centerpieceA creative centerpiece with purples, pinks, and greens.

pink mask centerpieceA beautiful pink centerpiece accented with feathers.

green ivory designA green and ivory design.

We had a great time at this convention and enjoyed talking to so many great people. It was a great event! Check back with the Bloomin’ Blog to see where we go next!

FSN at the Tennessee State Floral Association 2013 Convention

Flower Shop Network was out and about once again this past weekend at the Tennessee State Florists Association Convention! We hobnobbed with the locals, touched base with a few old friends and made a number of new ones. If you missed this year’s fair, have no fear, FSN is here! We took an unofficial poll, of ourselves, and the group consensus was that a great time was had by all. Apparently those Tennessee folks know how to put on a party so whatever you do, don’t miss out on next year.

FSN Booth

Here we have a nice shot of the FSN booth. We always try to do our part to beautify the vendor floor.

FSN Members

We are always happy to see our members stop by the ole booth and say hello. Hello, ladies! Looks like they’ve been stocking up on some freebies, eh? Wait, why didn’t anyone bring me some freebies? Man …

Regina Berryman Arrangement

This was a gorgeous arrangement, created by Regina Berryman, and presented at the FSN booth. I think the picture pretty much speaks for itself. Amazing! That Berryman lady sure is talented! [Read more…]

Regina Berryman to Speak at TNSFA and CTPFA Convention

For everyone planning to attend the Tennessee State Florists’ Association and Central Tennessee Professional Florists’ Association‘s annual convention this weekend, make sure you’ve scheduled enough time to watch the presentation being conducted by renowned floral designer and friend of FSN, Regina Berryman, AIFD, AAF, CFD. She has an exciting take that infuses natural principles of art and will help you take your own work to a whole new level!

Introducing Regina Berryman

Regina Berryman, AIFDIf you don’t know, Regina is a Brazilian native who came to this country over thirty years ago. While growing up in Brazil, she experienced all different brands of flora and fauna, as well as a vast array of different species of flowers. Her love for their fragile and delicate allure did not diminish when she became an American citizen, and now, through her pursuit of that passion, she studies with some of the finest floral designers in the country!

An accomplished instructor herself, Regina has participated on some very prestigious design teams such as the Presidential Inauguration and The Society of American Florists’ Conventions. If you would like to see some examples, Regina’s work can be seen in our very own Flower Shop Network Flower Gallery!

Fibonacci Theory & Floral Design

Fibonacci SpiralRegina’s exciting theories regarding floral design are based on principles borrowed from an amazing discovery made over 700 years ago called the Fibonacci Theory. The theory was founded by a mathematician named Leonardo Fibonacci who lived in the 12th and 13th centuries C.E., and it can be observed in almost every aspect of the natural world.

I know what you’re thinking, “What does an ancient mathematician have to do with floral design?” Regina can best answer that question for you during her presentation, but the gist is that she uses these mathematical principles and applies them to proportion, ratio and overall aesthetic beauty. The basic concept espouses that although symmetry can be beautiful, true visual pleasure exists in an asymmetrical design partitioned into the proper proportions using a 3-5-8 ratio.

Golden Spiral in NatureIf that peaks your interest, be sure to attend the convention and see Regina Berryman in action as she demonstrates her use of the 3-5-8 ratio in floral arrangement and design.

The TNSFA and CTPFA Convention

C’mon out folks, it’s going to be a great three days and, as always, Flower Shop Network will be there to document all the exciting events!

The convention is hosted by the Tennessee State Florists’ Association and Central Tennessee Professional Florists’ Association, and will begin Friday August 2nd and last through Sunday August 4th at the Embassy Suites in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

We can’t wait to see you there!

Big Congrats – FSN Member Florist Wins 2013 Houston Cup

Big congratulations to Rebecca Sherman, AIFD in taking home the 2013 Houston Cup! Rebecca is a floral design artist with The Blooming Idea in The Woodlands, Texas, and a 20 year veteran of the floral industry.

The Houston Cup is an annual floral design competition for the members of Allied Florists of Houston. The winner of the Houston Cup advances to the preliminary phase of the  Texas State Florists Association‘s prestigious Texas Cup Competition.

Rebecca Sherman - Houston Cup Winner

From the Allied Florist of Houston:

“…the competition featured 10 professional floral designers in this year’s Great Gatsby themed competition. Each person brought 1 Interpretative Design following the Great Gatsby theme and during the hands on competition completed a floral wedding bouquet and a surprise package arrangement of a large arrangement for a grand foyer for a party. Grading is completed by a panel of 3 top rated floral Judges based on the principles and elements of design.”


Great Gatsby Themed Flower ArrangementWith F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby at the heart of the competition, decadent beauty abounded in all the contestants designs. Flowing feathers, lush greens, dramatic textures and delicate blooms reflected the glitz and glamour of the roaring ’20s and made for opulent results. Visit The Blooming Idea’s Facebook page for more great photos.

The Blooming Idea has been a FSN member for 13 years and we are very proud of Rebecca for winning this prestigious award. Her fabulous creative designs, inspired by the Great Gatsby theme, are truly breath-taking.

Best of luck at the upcoming Texas Cup Competition!


Photos courtesy of The Blooming Idea, The Woodlands, Texas

Big Congrats To Our Winning Members

Way To Go Florists!

Floral convention season is just kicking off and already our florist members are making their presence known! Check out all of our member’s latest great accomplishments in today’s post!

Florist Awards

  • Big congrats to Norton’s Flowers & Gifts in Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor, MI for being voted Retailer of the Year at the Great Lakes Floral Expo 2013.

Doug Bates - 2013 Young Person of the Year

Doug Bates of Designs by Vogt’s in Sturgis MI

  • Congratulations to Doug Bates of Designs by Vogt’s in Sturgis MI for being voted the 2013 Young Person of the Year at the Great Lakes Florist Expo.

This young person has been excited about the MFA since their first conference and has never stopped.  Their energy has just kept growing. To watch them participate in classes and then in design events and competitions you can see the passion and energy in their eyes and it is contagious.  Always with a positive attitude toward the industry they have nothing but great admiration for their peers and respect for their fellow florists. From the Michigan Florist Association Press Release

Design Contest Winners

  • Way to go Debbie Royal of Royal Expressions Flowers & Gifts, Blissfield, MI for winning 3rd place in the Great Lakes Floral Expo professional division design contest themed Loving Memory. Debbie also took home 2nd place in the professional division design contest themed Surprise, Surprise.
  • Congrats to Robbin Yelverton of Blumz… by JR Designs in Detroit MI for taking home 1st place in the Great Lakes Floral Expo academy division design contest themed It’s A Party.
  • Big congrats to Rae Roberts-Griffith of True Colors Artistry for winning 1st runner up in the prestigious 2013 Lincoln Cup at the 2013 Illinois State Florist Association Convention.
  • Congratulations to Judy Fitzpatrick of Just Judy’s Flowers in Pensacola, FL for winning second place in the Northwest Florida Florists’ Association’s February Design Contest.
  • Congratulations to April Ridge of Alyce’s Floral Designs in Ft Walton Beach, FL for winning third place in the Northwest Florida Florists’ Association’s February Design Contest.

Congrats again, everyone!

I do my best to find our florists’ achievements through various association emails and online posts. If I left you out, please let me know and I will add you ASAP!

Floral Couture at the 2013 Northeast Floral Expo

Flora Couture at the Northeast Floral Expo

At the recent Northeast Floral Expo in Groton, CT florists were asked to do something a little different for a design competition. This Project Runway-inspired design competition, Flora Couture, had florists creating stunning cocktail dresses out of botanicals, complete with celebrity judges. All proceeds from the event benefited the Pediatric Oncology Program at Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital.

[Read more…]

The Floral Olympics at the Great Lakes Floral Expo 2013

The Floral Olympics at the Great Lakes Floral Expo

Back around the first of March the FSN crew attended one of the biggest floral design shows in the nation – the Great Lakes Floral Expo. One of their big themes this year was ‘Floral Olympics’. All of the programs, workshops and seminars dealt with Reaching for Excellence and Going for Gold.

 Floral Olympics Floral Olympics

Just like in the real Olympics, the Great Lakes Floral Expo had a grand Opening Ceremonies presented by Carolyn Clark Kurek, AIFD. Carolyn demonstrated the application of the principles and elements of design using contorting gymnasts. She would talk about a specific element of design and the contortionist would use their body to demonstrate. As you can imagine, this presentation has gotten rave reviews!

Other Olympic themed programs include: Your Gold Medal Staff, The Balance Beam of Successful Weddings, Floral Olympic Awards Gala and more.

[Read more…]

FSN At the 2013 Northeast Floral Expo

North East Floral Expo 2013

The FSN crew recently returned from Groton Connecticut where they attended the 2013 Northeast Floral Expo. This show is one of the largest florist conventions offered in the States with over 1000 floral industry attendees from more than 9 states.

Welcome to the Northeast Floral Expo!

Wedding work from the Northeast Floral Expo Cascading arrangement from the Northeast Floral Expo Wedding work from the Northeast Floral Expo

[Read more…]

FSN at the 2013 Illinois State Florist Convention

Illinois State Florists' Association - Wonderland 2013 Convention

We just got back from the Illinois State Florists’ Association’s annual convention for 2013 themed, Wonderland. What a wonder it was. From design shows to floral competitions, grants and more — florists from Illinois and surrounding states had their inspiration batteries charged at this show!

Trade Fair Entrance

Trade Show Entrance using over-sized flowers, butterflies and bees, just like you’re stepping into wonderland.

Flower Shop Network's Trade Show Booth

FSN’s Trade Show booth where we gave away our big green tote bags to all who attended.

[Read more…]

FSN at the 2013 Great Lakes Floral Expo (Photos)

Unusual photographer themed design at the 2013 Great Lakes Floral Expo

A couple of our FSN team members headed north this past weekend to attend the Michigan Floral Association’s Great Lakes Floral Expo — an event we look forward to every year! Once again the amazing talent at the show blew us away. There were so many fascinating presentations, competitions and enough inspiration to last the entire year.

The Great Lakes Floral Expo is one of the nation’s premier floral shows. This show is a must attend event to those in the floral industry. This event is unique in the floral industry because it is held in conjunction with the West Michigan Home and Garden Show and there are events for the general public.

If you want to get a taste of what the Great Lakes Floral Expo has to offer, check out the photos after the jump:

Convention season has just started. Check out our Florist Conventions & Flower Shows and start planning your trip to one near you!